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Benefits for persons with disabilities

  1. The card gives you the right to various discounts - like entry ticket to a museum or better access to attractions at a theme park.
  2. The card is currently recognized Slovenia, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Malta and Romania.
  3. The card is free and you can apply for it at your nearest administrative unit.
Person in a wheelchair speeding down the hallway

Newest benefit providers

  1. Logo - The Carniolan Bee House

    The Carniolan Bee House

  2. Logo - Municipality of Polzela, Tourist information center Polzela

    Municipality of Polzela, Tourist information center Polzela

Slovenian benefit providers
Benefit providers from the EU
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card is free

Become a benefit provider

We are searching for project partners

If you are a benefit provider in the area of culture, sports or leisure, become a partner!

Be one of the project partners and provide benefits to holders of the EU disability card.

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How to get your card?

You can order your EU disability card at any administrative unit.

There your eligibility will be checked and you will be sent the card.

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