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This accessibility statement refers to the European Disability Card website, which is managed by Beletrina, Academic Press.


Compliance level

The European Disability Benefit Card portal is harmonized with the Act on the Accessibility of Public Sector Websites and Mobile Applications (ZDSMA). The website contents are prepared in accordance with international guidelines for web accessibility and therefor comply with the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.1 standard. The accessibility compliance of the European Disability Card website with the WCAG guidelines corresponds to level AA.

We want to bring the use of the European Disability Card website closer to the widest range of different users, so we are constantly designing and adapting it so that it is accessible to users with various forms of disability and impairment: users with visual impairments, users with hearing impairments, physically impaired users and users with various cognitive impairments and disorders in understanding.

The content in the ABOUT PROJECT tab has been translated into Slovenian Sign Language and is available by clicking on the ear icon.

The content ABOUT THE PROJECT is also available in easy reading by clicking on the book icon.

Less accessible content:

  1. In some places of the portal, the color contrast is inadequate (too small). The reason for this is the CGP of the overall image, which is at the discretion of the MDDSZ. During the first major renovation of this CGP, care will also be taken to enable appropriate color contrasts.
  2. An appropriate text alternative is enabled for most graphic elements, but it may happen that some graphic element (icons, etc.) is not yet equipped with an appropriate alternative. These too will be equipped with suitable alternatives in the near future.
  3. Some subpages do not yet have specific unique names that appear on browser tabs.
  4. The search engine is largely accessible enough to use, however in some cases screen readers may experience problems refreshing the menu content.
  5. Google Maps and Google Street View are external services of Google Inc. and may not be optimized.
  6. Some documents are based on HTML5, CSS 3, Java Script 1.8.5, JPEG, GIF, SVG, PNG and Adobe Flash technologies.

Feedback and contact information

If you want to let us know about anything related to the adaptation of the website's accessibility for users with various disabilities , you can inform us about it by email: The European Disability  Card website was renovated in its current form and published on December 28. 2022. This statement was prepared on December 27. 2022 based on an accessibility analysis within the framework of the NSIOS web accessibility certificate.