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Beletrina Academic Press, established in 1996, is one of the most important literary publishers and cultural organisations in Slovenia. It has gained its reputation primarily by introducing prominent works of contemporary world and national literature, both fiction and non-fiction, to Slovenian readers. Our goal is to set standards for a new publishing philosophy which, in addition to focusing on non-commercial titles and giving priority to creativity, freshness and directness, respects authors and invests considerable effort in the promotion of their work. Beletrina‘s list of contemporary Slovenian authors is essential, focused as it is on highly regarded writers who not only attract substantial attention today but promise to flourish for decades to come, and we currently fully represent over 20 of the best Slovenian authors.

Benefit for card holders

  • General discount - 10 %

Basic data

Address: Neubergerjeva 30, 1000 Ljubljana

Working hours

Wednesday (today): from 08:00 to 15:00
Thursday: from 08:00 to 15:00
Friday: from 08:00 to 15:00
Saturday: closed
Sunday: closed
Monday: from 08:00 to 15:00
Tuesday: from 08:00 to 15:00

Accessibility on premise

  • Wheelchair accessible Wheelchair accessible
  • Sign language interpreter Sign language interpreter
  • People with intellectual disabilities People with intellectual disabilities
  • Persons with cognitive impairment and neurologically impaired persons Persons with cognitive impairment and neurologically impaired persons

Accessibility assessment

Object description

The building is partially accessible. The front doors are automatic and folding. There is a short, steep ramp with no landing at the front doors. There is sufficient room to manoeuvre on the ground floor, the doors to the offices are light and do not have thresholds. The building has two floors and a parking garage and is equipped with a lift. The sanitary facilities on the first floor are not accessible for wheelchair users, as there is not enough space to manoeuvre and access the stalls. The glass doors and walls in the building do not have contrasting visual markings and constitute a safety hazard for people with visual impairments.


  1. People with mobility impairments:
  2. The main entrance to the building is partially accessible (steep ramp leading directly to the entrance),
  3. There is sufficient room to manoeuvre indoors,
  4. There is a suitably sized lift in the building.
  5. People with visual impairments:
  6. There are no abrupt transitions from light to dark spaces in the building,
  7. The lift buttons have raised tactile letters,
  8. The edges of stairs have contrasting visual markings.
  9. People with hearing impairments:
  10. There are no major adaptations.


  1. People with mobility impairments:
  2. There are no accessible parking spots,
  3. The height difference at the entrance is not adequately addressed (steep ramp),
  4. The building does not have accessible sanitary facilities (there is not enough room for wheelchair users to manoeuvre on the access path).
  5. People with visual impairments:
  6. The entrance to the building is not easily recognizable,
  7. The glass doors and large glass walls do not have contrasting visual markings.
  8. People with hearing impairments:
  9. There are no major deficiencies.
Logo - The Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (UIRS)
The physical accessibility of the provider's facility was assessed by UIRS on 31.02. 2021.


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