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Benefit for card holders

  • Reduced membership fee - 50 %

Basic data

Address: Prušnikova 5, 3212 Vojnik

Working hours

Wednesday (today): from 12:00 to 19:00
Thursday: from 08:00 to 14:00
Friday: from 12:00 to 19:00
Saturday: from 00:00 to 00:00
Sunday: from 00:00 to 00:00
Monday: from 12:00 to 19:00
Tuesday: from 08:00 to 14:00

Accessibility on premise

  • Wheelchair accessible Wheelchair accessible
  • People with intellectual disabilities People with intellectual disabilities
  • Persons with cognitive impairment and neurologically impaired persons Persons with cognitive impairment and neurologically impaired persons

Accessibility assessment

Object description

The library is partially accessible. There is not enough room for wheelchair users to manoeuvre in the vestibule at the entrance (at the turn in the corridor). The central space of the library is located on the ground floor and is accessible via the main entrance. For the part of the library that is accessible from the inside only via the stairs, there is an additional side entrance with ramps at the back of the building for wheelchair users. There is sufficient room to manoeuvre between bookshelves. The building also features also a gallery space that is only accessible from the library via the stairs or through a smaller grassy surface from the outside that is not suitable for wheelchair users. The building does not have an accessible toilet room.


  1. People with mobility impairments:
  2. Adequate side entrance with ramps for the part of the library that is only accessible inside via the stairs,
  3. The height of the library counter is adapted to wheelchair users,
  4. There is sufficient room to manoeuvre indoors,
  5. The layout of the bookshelves enables wheelchair access.
  6. People with visual impairments:
  7. The entrance to the building is easily recognizable,
  8. The library counter is located in the immediate vicinity of the entrance,
  9. The library has adapted material (audiobooks, books with large print).
  10. People with hearing impairments:
  11. The library counter is adequately lit and enables lip-reading and interpreting facial expressions.


  1. People with mobility impairments:
  2. There are no accessible parking spots,
  3. The accessible side entrance is not designated,
  4. The ramp on the side entrance is not adequately secured,
  5. The changes of level in the interior of the building are not adequately addressed (part of the library is only accessible to wheelchair users through the side entrance; the gallery room is inaccessible due to the stairs),
  6. The building does not have accessible sanitary facilities.
  7. People with visual impairments:
  8. The building is not adequately marked,
  9. The glass doors to the children’s section do not have contrasting markings,
  10. The edges of stairs and differences of level do not have contrasting visual markings.
  11. People with hearing impairments:
  12. The library counter is not equipped with an induction loop.
Logo - The Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (UIRS)
The physical accessibility of the provider's facility was assessed by UIRS on 31.02. 2021.


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