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You’re invited to join a network of organizations united by EU Disability Card, a project entitling persons with disabilities to a more equal treatment and specific benefits in home countries and other EU member states.

Slovenian citizens and tourists from other EU countries can use EU Disability Card to plan their trips and travels more effectively and use their leisure time well. They’re entitled to discounts in transfer, tourism, culture, sport and other leisure activities.


Front side of EU disability cardBack side of EU disability card


To add your COMPANY or INSTITUTION among the benefits providers, please write to us at: or send us a message using the contact form on the website.


Become a part of European network of socially responsible organizations looking to contribute to the betterment of persons with disabilities and their position in society.
As we’re aware that equality of persons with disabilities also depends on our actions,  we wish to offer diverse chances and opportunities for easier social inclusion and exploration of countries across Europe.
At the same time this present an opportunity for your companyto be more recognizable and for a wider range of user of your products or services.
We have to bear in mind that persons with disabilities are the biggest minority in the world, a minority anyone of us can become a member of at any moment. Therefore it makes sense to consider including them in what we’re offering.


There are many persons with disabilities in Europe and in the world. Along with their family members, friends and guardians they present a huge potential in planning new target groups of user. Persons with disabilities currently account for 10% of the entire population, 650 million people. There are 80 million persons with disabilities in EU, 16% of total population. This is about as much as Belgium, Czechia, Greece and Holland put together. Every fourth European has a family member with disability. There are 170.000 persons with disabilities in Slovenia, 8.5% of the populace. According to World Health Organization the number of persons with disabilities is growing. The growth is a function of aging populations and higher prevalence of chronic diseases. It’s surprising that in countries with average life expectancy of 70 years, an average individual will spent 8 years of life with a specific disability (go to source*).

Thus the group of potential users also include the group of senior citizens, which will only grow in size more rapidly in years to come. Persons with disabilities account for a sixth of employed and employable EU citizens, but their actual employment rate is relatively low. Due to poorer education and employment opportunities, they are often in deprivileged social and financial situations, so we’re trying to make their situation more equitable and improve their participation in social activities.


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